Want to see what we get up to from time to time? You have come to the right place!

We consider festivities and socializing as part of the fabric of our work week.

Sure, we work hard, but we are also into competitive team building experiences and company events.

Mingling with a fellow colleague from across the office, without the usual work pressures, is always something we look forward to...

Working from home isn't too bad when you have company
2020 Life at GLI is in full swing
This year the GLI family was red carpet ready to celebrate their year end function in style! With 360 rooftop view, delicious canapés and great company - it truly was a night to remember...
Halloween dress up day at GLI - including some great spooky snacks
We put our general knowledge skills to the test with another classic GLI Quiz - who knew slugs had 4 noses?
Our first ever GLI Doubles Pool Tournament was a thing that legends were made of - we saw many intense battles, terrific teamwork and one team left standing!

We like to finish the week by visiting Fives Football at Century City for some astonishing goals, crunching tackles and socializing.

Our team is always excited to spend quality time with one another, and catch up on weekend plans. This time it involved a game of 20 questions...
Our GLI family had fun at their end of year function enjoying a game of lawn bowls followed a delicious spit braai.
Music, refreshments, food and bowls... that's how we roll!

Here is a snapshot from some recent social events at our Marketing and Finance Office... go team go!

In honour of Mandela Day 2017, we gave back to those we often refer to as "Man's Best Friend" - those without a voice...